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2013 Ford Super Chief is a massive concept pickup based on long-box F-250 crew cab. The Super Chief specifications will use a supercharged V-10 engine (dubbed Triflex V10) that runs on gasoline, E85 ethanol blend, or hydrogen. These are not for sale but estimates think $50,000 is about what they would cost.

The 2013 Ford Super Chief is able to run off hydrogen, ethanol, and gasoline up to E85–called the Tri-Flex fuel system–all using a supercharged 6.8-liter SOHC 30-valve V-10. This concept’s drivetrain is designed to address the question of how we move toward a hydrogen economy before we have a fully functioning infrastructure in place. Commonly acknowledged as the ultimate clean fuel of the future (emitting only water vapor from a tailpipe), hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth and can be manufactured anywhere in the world. However, manufacturing facilities and refueling-station networks don’t exist and could take, by some accounts, over 30 years to complete. This “hybrid” system (a single engine using several fuel sources at the same time) could be the interim technology we need.

The hydrogen fuel system will have its own separate storage system, consisting of the three safety-sealed high-pressure tanks with a combined capacity of 11.2 kilograms, enough for approximately a 150-mile range. Two tanks are located inside the framerails, forward of the rear axle. The third tank is located between the cab and the bed, above the framerails. The tanks add about 300 pounds to the vehicle’s curb weight. Thanks to Ford’s experience with flex-fuel vehicles and hydrogen-run E-450 commercial vans, the 2013 Ford Super Chief’s powertrain is completely functional, able to comfortably switch between fuel sources at the flip of a switch.

Inside, designers have taken the 2013 Ford Super Chief in a less-obvious direction. “The Super Chief pays tribute to the bold optimism that’s part of the American character,” says Peter Horbury, executive director of design, Ford North America. “We’ve taken upscale appointments and translated them to a truck in a way that’s distinctly American.” The roomy interior–accomplished by removing almost two feet from the eight-foot bed and extending the cab–is paneled in American walnut, brushed aluminum, and brown leather. As if that weren’t enough, the entire roof is glass with wood and leather slats, just like that of an old observation rail car. Viewed from above, the cab’s flooring is identical with that in the bed–the cab floor appears to continue through to the truck box. The seats are more like lounges, rather than German-dentist-chair chic.

Outside, the Super Chief echoes aeronautical cues from the likes of a P-51 Mustang, nautical styling from elegant boats like Chris-Craft motor yachts, and its namesake, the Santa Fe Railway’s Super Chief train engine.

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