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The Kia Mohave has not been updated in 2013. It was discontinued as of October 2011, to be replaced by the Kia Sorento. The Kia Mohave is an affordable option for the shopper who needs a family-sized SUV and isn’t too fussy about luxury trimmings.

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The Kia Mohave is a midsized SUV. Its main selling points include its off-road capabilities and its fuel efficiency, which is very reasonable for its size. Since the Mohave has been discontinued, you might want to check out its more up-to-date successor, the Sorento. This boasts superior fuel efficiency from its V6 engine, (although this offers less power than the Mohave’s V8). Although the Sorento seems to have inherited the Mohave’s rather industrial interior materials, it makes up for that with its surprising roominess. The Sorento comes with up-to-date tech — USB, and Bluetooth are standard. Another midsize SUV to consider is the Toyota Fortuner; it has two engine options and you might want to see the smaller engine option if fuel efficiency is a major concern for you. If a spacious interior and lots of features are more of a priority, the Chevrolet Traverse is another alternative that delivers those and competes with the Mohave’s engine size.

The drive is competent and acceptable, if not earth-shatteringly exciting. The Mohave will keep everyone comfortable and derives a fair amount of power from its V8 engine. The transmission is surprisingly smooth as well.

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